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Wanna play?

The aim of the game is to build a growth mindset in which you will need to be nimble & adaptable,
open to continually learning and have an optimistic view of the future. Your mindset can be your most powerful tool and biggest strength, not only in your career but in everything you do.

This workshop is all about personal development, self-awareness and optimism.

The Mind Game has 3 pieces:

Piece 1- Develop Your Mindset


Its time to develop your adaptability skills. Why is this so critical, we hear you ask? Because adaptability = resilience and resilience = wellbeing and wellbeing = happiness! Need we say more? Oh, but we will. You see this world is an unpredictable (thank-you Covid), fast paced and ever changing place and those that are successful are those that can adapt. It’s likely your career is going to pivot many times in your life, you are probably going to meet a bunch people you don’t like and you are going to do stuff that will be hard and you will fail. But that is all okay for the individual who is resilient and can bounce back from these things like a…… In this session we are going to help you to develop the right skills and techniques to grow your resilient mindset.

Round 2- Nurture your self-compassion

How many times have you said to yourself today "You are amazing, and I love being me"?
Have you ever said that to yourself? We are not about creating the next…. but we do believe
that there needs to be room in that mind of yours for a whole lot of self-love and compassion.
Who is going to advocate for you if you can't even advocate for yourself? We want to nurture
the inner cheerleader so you can be your own champion instead of being your own shamer.
In this piece we are going to help you inject kindness and compassion into the way you think
about yourself.

Round 3- The Power Of Optimism

Did you know that an optimistic person has better physical and mental health outcomes, longer life span and better relationships than someone who is consistently pessimistic? So that annoying friend of yours that bounces through life and doesn't seem to notice the world crumbling around them is actually totally onto something. They've tapped into the power of optimism and using it to live a good life. Want some of that action? Well we can help; we are going to help you see the benefits of positive thinking and start being more grateful for what you already have.

The Nitty Gritty

The Mind Game is all about developing your ability to be resilient and adaptable. We don't believe that life is about sticking to one path or one goal. Life is journey and sometimes you don't know what the destination is and that is okay. Instead we think it is more important to be carrying the right kinda luggage that you will need for any trip. The essentials are a growth mindset, self-compassion and optimism. And this is the tri-fecta you need for adaptability and resilience.

There are 3 x 60-minute online sessions, so you don’t even have to leave the house. Our preferred platform is Zoom and we hope that you have a working mic and camera. But if that is not possible, we can also arrange over the phone sessions.

The sessions are super-duper private which means you get the chance to have a conversation all about you without anyone else butting in. It will just be you and your coach.

If you are under the age of 18 years you will need parental or guardian permission.
To make sure you get the most bang for your buck in our sessions, we will be setting you some fun and easy activities to do in between sessions.

In most cases the four sessions are enough to identifying your talents and develop your confidence. But sometimes further session are needed to continue the exploration and this can be arranged. Extra sessions will be charged at $150 +GST for 60 minutes.

Our Mission

It is always our intention to achieve three outcomes in all our workshops:

1. Develop your confidence! We think you are amazing and we haven’t even met you yet! Why are we so confident that you are amazing? Well it’s because of our core belief that everyone, yep everyone has the potential to do truly great things. But most of us need time and space to develop our confidence so we can tap into that greatness. Which is why we are so excited to work with you, to help reveal the superpowers within.

2. Inspire ambition. Aim for the stars we say, because life will be boring otherwise. The opportunities are endless, and we want to get you excited to set your ambitions high.

3. Empower your talents. We are all good at lots of things. But we bet you are here because
you don’t know what you are good at. Good! That’s the way we like it, ready for us to do our
magic and help you tap into those hidden talents you don’t even realise you have.

Still not sure if this workshop is right for you? Have more questions? Drop us a line and we will be in touch soon.

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