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Our programs are based on research and evidence-based practice. Delivered by experienced facilitators and coaches, Forte will empower you to visualise your future, develop the skills you need and hone the natural talents you already possess.


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Forte Coaching

Imagine a future in which you achieved your goals, lived with purpose and felt deep satisfaction.

In today’s uncertain and hectic world this would seem an impossible dream, but at Forte we will equip you with the skills and personal tools to help you achieve this.

Coaching is a great way to clarify your purpose and values and set meaningful goals towards the life you want to live.

Working with clients face-to-face, by phone or video (Zoom).

Each coaching program and session is tailored to meet your needs.


Online Courses

Purposeful Future

Enriching an individual's self-belief through the cultivation of their unique talent and developing a deep understanding of their self and purpose.   

Program overview:

  • Talents & strengths

  • Values & passions

  • Self awareness

  • Purpose

When individuals develop a deep sense of who they are and the talents they possess they are able to identify what they want to achieve with their life. So, at Forte this is where we begin.


The Purposeful Future program can be adapted to meet the needs of the participants and the stage of life they are at. But ultimately participants will walk away with confidence and agency over their future.


Developing an individual’s adaptability skills to empower a resilient mindset that recognises that failure is growth and learning is a vital process to success.  


Program overview:

  • Resilience

  • Wellbeing

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Goal Setting

In a world continually changing and the workforce evolving, individuals need to be current and adaptable. Learning does not end at the conclusion of formal education and with the prospect of 15 different careers during one’s life, success will depend on constant personal development. 

At Forte, we believe this means becoming a lifelong learner which requires resilience, adaptability, a growth mindset and a capacity to cultivate positive relationships.



Building the capability of an individual to lead with intention and authencity in a multitude of contexts to inspire and empower.


Program overview:

  • Leadership Style

  • Feedback

  • Coaching

  • Team Dynamics

This program is suited to emerging leaders and current leaders who want to enhance their leadership capability. In this course you will learn how to give and receive feedback that is actionable. You will also build your coaching capability so that you can develop the capability of others and improve performance of individuals and teams. You will become clear about your leadership point of view and style.

21st Century Skills

Developing an individual’s capability to master critical skills needed  to succeed in a complex and rapidly changing world.


Program overview:

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking

In this program participants will gain hands on experience working in a team to strategise and solve real life problems. Through the process of collaboration, individuals will develop their communication skills and develop a deep understanding of their talents in a group dynamic.


An immersive and interactive experience, this program will empower individuals to utilize their talents, develop their communication skills and be part of a team.


Solutions for Schools or Organisations

All of our programs can be tailored to the needs of the audience based on learning outcomes required. We work with organisations to build professional development programs that are fit for purpose. We specialise in Graduate programs to build the soft skills that are not taught at University.


We facilitate incursions face to face and online learning for students at school. Our programs are tailored and are suitable for students in Year 9 through to Year 12. Whether your students are determining where to do work experience, deciding on Year 11 and 12 subjects, or where you want to go beyond school, we are here to provide them with the focused they need.

Contact us to discuss tailoring a program specifically for you.


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