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Eekk I don’t have a favourite this month!

Well I don’t have one…….

So, this month I have been on a podcast journey. I’ve stumbled down the rabbit hole of podcasts and I am jumping from one show to another devouring everything in my path. I’m going to highlight two episodes from various shows that have been AMAZING! If you want to know why I think they are amazing before you invest your time listening, read on:

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu:

Episode: 5 minute Habits to change your life with Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

After having my son, I stopped going to Yoga. For years I kept telling myself that I would return when …{insert the most prominent excuse of the day}. And so time kept moving and I stayed yogaless. Until one day I discovered Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. My life changed overnight as the realisation that I didn’t have to leave the house to l

earn yoga! What is this miracle you call YouTube! So after my children were asleep I would scroll through the huge expanses of videos of Adrienne and her dog Benji, to find one that was most suitable to my level. And every night in my pyjamas, hair a mess, feeling tired I would make my way to the lounge and begin. Some nights I picked a 10 min video, others I had more energy for a longer one. I no longer had excuses and so I rediscovered the joy of yoga. Nearly three years later I have progressed to other yoga experts on the Tube and switched my routine from evening to morning. I have also integrated meditation into my yoga routine for 10 minutes every morning. It was not until I listened to this episode with Rangan Chatterjee that I realised that I started my habit of yoga by introducing it to my “getting ready for bed routine”. I started with short videos to get me started and over time as the habit become consistent I increased the time spent doing it. So, if you too are looking to stop making excuses and introduce a good habit into your life, take a listen to this episode, it will literally change your life.

Work Life with Adam Grant

Episode: Authenticity is a double-edged sword

Being myself has not always paid off for me. When I was younger, I was very opinionated and could very easily put people offside with my opinions. You see, I loved a great debate. I loved getting fired up with someone and going to blows (verbally) as we passionately fought for our side of the argument. But not everyone loved my hot-headed attacks, or the way I expressed them. But I was being me, I was proudly authentic, either get on board or move along. Fortunately, at some point in my 20’s I did mature. I’m not sure exactly when, but I did start to develop my self-awareness. I started to see how my actions, opinions and the way I said thing, affected others. I didn’t like it. So over time, I have invested heavily in understanding me so that I can be more in tune with others around me. I’ve learnt to understand my perspective, so that I can respect others that differ. I still value my authenticity but not at the expense of someone else’s feelings. And this is the point of this episode by Adam Grant. He looks at the trend of “being authentic” and calls into question at what cost are we willing to be authentic. If you are leader, you should listen. If you are trying to understand your own authenticity you should listen. And if you love Adam Grant like I do, you should listen.

Would love to hear from you, what have been your favourite podcasts you have listened to this month and why? Share in the comments below.

To find these episode click links below

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu: 5 minute Habits to change your life with Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

Work Life with Adam Grant: Authenticity is a double-edged sword

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