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Job Searching in this Climate

Looking for a role in this climate can be challenging and overwhelming. We wanted to bring useful information you need to know to find your next role, into one spot to make it a little bit easier. We have outlined some practical tips as well as provided you with a list of useful websites to get your job search started.

Update your Resume and Cover Letter

You want to be ready to apply for a job as soon as it becomes available, so making sure your resume and cover letter are good to go now is crucial. Here is a great checklist to guide your resume:

  • Update your experiences, achievements and skills so that they reflect the amazing person you are.

  • Ensure you highlight critical soft skills that are transferable to other industries and roles

  • Your resume should be tailored to the role that you are applying for. Study the job description you are applying for and ensure your application reflects the key skills they are looking for. Consider if you are a recruiter skimming hundreds of resumes what information are you wanting to see quickly.

  • Make sure your resume follows a consistent format and is easy to read. The biggest mistake we see with resumes is a sloppy format. Line up your margins, make sure the font is consistent, use clear headings and try to keep to 3 pages.

  • Your cover letter should be professional and highlight the skills you bring.

  • Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn too, as many recruiters use this site to check out applicants.

For more information about creating a great resume, join the Forte team this Wednesday for a FREE online Resume Webinar.

Searching for a Job

There are still a number of areas that are continuing to recruit in these uncertain times. Look for jobs in the following industries:

  • Roles in the health-care sector are greatly needed

  • Government roles for both Federal, State as well as local government. There is heighted need for task forces and lots of jobs are being listed for local councils.

  • IT support and customer service roles in telecommunications to support people working from home.

  • Copywriting, content production and editing are seeing an uplift with the move from traditional marketing avenues even more focused on social media.

  • Delivery drivers for a range of industries, including take away food, couriers and online shopping

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Insurance, superannuation and some financial services

  • Farm hands and fruit picking

  • Supermarket staff are in high demand

  • Not for profits and volunteering seeking people to help in this time of great need to support the most disadvantaged in our communities.

  • Mining

  • Nannying

  • Tutoring

In the normal climate recruiters only have access to 20-25% of jobs, so tapping into the other 80-85% of roles in the market is super important to increase your odds of securing a role. It is time to tap into your networks as the old adage says: it’s not what you know it's who you know. In these times of social distancing you can still connect with people through your network. Pick up the phone, use Linkedin, Facebook or other social channels. Organise a video coffee date on Zoom or Facetime. You can still stay connected from afar.

Useful websites to help you begin your search

Companies currently hiring

Careers in Council

What to do in the meantime:

  • Seek Financial Support: There is financial support and relief available for those out of work right now. Check out this useful guide to accessing financial support and other resources put together by Employment Hero

  • Professional Development: It is a great time to undertake some professional development. There are many free online courses available as well as some fabulous online learning programs. There are also a vast expanse of personal and professional development books available.

  • Studying: Perhaps you’ve been wanting to return to postgraduate studies, now might be the perfect excuse to enrol into an online course like a Master of Business Administration or Master of Education.

  • Take time off: If it is not essential financially for you to work, use this time for other things. Spending time with your family, starting a new hobby or volunteering where you can. It could be a little thing like doing the grocery shop for an elderly neighbour. The benefits of giving back have been widely reported as helping people to live meaningful and happier lives.

  • Look after your Wellbeing: This is a time of stress and anxiety for many but the loss of a job or the closure of a business can also trigger depressions, anxiety and other health concerns in people. Focusing on your resilience and wellbeing right now is more important than ever. This may seem like a difficult time to try and be calm and mentally strong but it will go a long way to helping you secure your next job if you are in a positive frame of mind.

Free Resume Webinar

If you or someone you know have found yourself out of a job we want to help. At Forte we have many years experience supporting individuals to engage in personal development, update their resume and find a job. If your Resume needs updating then join us this Wednesday for a free online Resume workshop. If you need a more 1:1 coaching experience to develop your confidence and soft skills then head over to Solutions page to book a session with one of our team members today.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” Seneca

Written by Toni Jones, Co-founder Forte


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