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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I really love my graphic designer! She is so good at what she does it almost feels like she is a wizard, waving her magic graphic design wand around and everything it touches is changed for the better. But the best thing about my graphic designer is that she absolutely LOVES what she is doing. She has quite simply found her thing in life and ironically, she also gifted us the wonderful tag line “finding your thing.” She immediately understood our mission at Your Forte and was able to create the perfect brand design, because she knows what it means to live your thing.

See once you find your thing and you get to do your thing, life can be pretty darn sweet! It really should not come as a shock that people who love what they do are also the people that report that they look forward to going to work, have more positive interactions with others, achieve more on a daily basis and are more creative and innovative.

A recipe for living your thing is pretty simple. It requires three things:

1. Living what you love

2. Doing what you are good at

3. Adding value to your world

Creating Your Forte is for me to live my thing. And my thing is to help others find their thing. The ingredients that make up my thing are:

  • What I love: meaningful connections with people, learning everyday

  • What I am good at: Empowering people to be their best versions, guiding others to resources and ideas that will help them

  • Adding value to my world: helping to develop more confident, creative, ambitious and inspiring people to do what they love

Your turn: Are you living your thing?

Believe it or not all those clichés are true; life is short; don’t have regrets; do what you love. Why waste your short life wandering aimlessly around trying to figure out what you want to do? Start living this moment, enjoy today, live what you love now, find the joy in now. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what you should be doing, because no one has that ability.

Here is a super simple activity to help you get started on the path to finding your thing.

1. First up put the kettle on, pour yourself a cuppa and find yourself a quiet space to ponder. You are going to need a notebook to take some notes.

2. Start thinking and taking notes of all the things you are good at. Braindump whatever comes to mind, from silly things like, makes an exceptional toasted sandwich, to key life skills, great at starting conversations with strangers.

3. Now you might finish this activity by the time you can see the dregs of your tea at the bottom of your mug, but for others it might take a few days of deep pondering to create this list. That’s okay, just remember that this list will never be finished because you are an evolving human that will keep adding skills and talents to your tool belt as you grow. So once you have exhausted yourself and cannot think of another thing, take your fav coloured pen and circle the things that you LOVE doing.

4. Now look at those circled words and sentences and ask yourself: how many of these are you getting to do every day? How can you inject more of these things you love doing into your work or personal life? What is preventing these things from being in your life daily?

This activity also works really well the other way too. Try writing a list of things you hate doing or find particularly difficult. Circle the ones that you want to avoid doing regularly. Now consider your work or personal life and how much of your day is devoted to these things you hate. Do the things you hate doing outweigh the things you love? Is this really how you want to spend your life?

Remember you are in control of your actions, behaviour and choices. When you look at your list of LOVE vs HATE, what can you do to inject more LOVE into your life? What can you do today to ensure your future has more things of what you LOVE in it? Do you need to start developing your skills, knowledge or mindset to get ready for tomorrow? Do you need to stop wasting time wishing and start spending time doing?

You can’t wait for that happy life you want to have to fall into your lap. You must create it yourself.

Still not sure if you have got what it takes to live your thing. Contact me today for a free chat to see if our programs could give you the confidence boost you need to find your thing.

Oh and if you are curious at who our amazing graphic designer is, head over to insta to find Rush Hunter @wearerushhunter and @bec_grumont to see her amazing work in action.

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