A lack of confidence, takes us nowhere

I sat quiet, too scared to speak, afraid my words would betray my ignorance. A question is asked, no one ventures a response, so he stares hard at the group waiting for someone to speak. The meeting walls appear to move closer; my chest tightens as I contemplate sharing my idea. Fool, what do you know, stay silent, your idea is stupid. These thoughts pummel my confidence.

I take a deep breath to steady my nerves, I stutter my idea, put it out into the world. It feels weak, not thought through, unresolved. I hold my breath and wait for his condemnation. Instead he smiles, “an outside the box idea, I love it.” Relief washes away my tension. I smile, I don’t need perfect ideas, I just need confidence.

We all need confidence to take risks every day. Lacking confidence causes us to stay silent, and when we are not brave enough to share our ideas, make suggestions or veer down a new path, we end up standing still. And then the world overtakes us. Don’t get left behind, the only thing that stands in the way of your confidence is your belief. Don’t let the thoughts pummel your confidence, take a breath, stand tall and trust in yourself.

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